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“Why Choose ALA for Your Child’s Learning Journey?

At Amazing Learning Academy (ALA), we’re dedicated to providing an enriching environment that nurtures your child’s emotional, social, educational, moral, and physical development. We place a strong emphasis on readiness skills and employ various audio-visual and hands-on tools to ensure top-notch learning. ALA proudly meets South Carolina accreditations and holds a license from the Department of Social Services.

What Qualifications Do ALA Educators Hold?

Our educators at Amazing Learning Academy meet or exceed South Carolina’s preschool staff requirements. All ALA teachers are registered with the Child Development Association and possess Early Childhood Certificates or degrees. Some are even pursuing college degrees through the TEACH program for early childhood educators. Additionally, all staff members are First Aid and CPR certified.

How Does ALA Foster Communication with Parents?

ALA recognizes the vital role of families in a child’s education, and we prioritize open communication. We keep families informed through various channels, including Brightwheel daily updates, monthly newsletters, meal menus, calendars, PTO meetings, Parent Workshops, and daily verbal exchanges. Upon request, ALA also offers written report cards and parent-teacher conferences to review your child’s developmental progress.

When Can You Apply to ALA?

You can apply right now. We are currently accepting applications for the fall 2018/2019 school year.

What Programs Does ALA Offer?

We provide full-time programs designed for Infants to 5 years old.

Is Admission on a First-Come, First-Served Basis?

You may submit an application anytime between September 6 and December 15th. However, submitting an earlier application gives you the benefit of more and earlier playdate options.

How Do You Sign Up for a Tour at ALA?

You can sign up right here on our website or visit the school in person to book a tour.

What Can You Expect on an ALA Tour?

Each tour will take place at the school location, beginning promptly at 9 am and lasting until 10 am. Tours are for parents only, with the exception of babies in slings or packs. We explore the area in all kinds of weather and need to transition quickly between spaces.

Is an ALA Tour Required for Application?

No, attending a tour is not necessary for applying.

What Happens After You Apply to ALA?

Someone from the Administrative Staff will contact you.

Where Are ALA Classrooms Located?

Our classrooms are situated at 24 Saddlemount Lane Hopkins, SC 290613.

Can You Choose Your Child’s Class Location at ALA?

While we consider your request for a particular classroom, we cannot guarantee placement there. We carefully evaluate placements to create balanced, cohesive groups, considering factors like class size and teacher-child ratios.

How Does Your Child’s Birthdate Affect Placement at ALA?

We take your child’s birthdate into account, along with other factors, to ensure they are developmentally suited for their placement. Our decisions consider your input, our observations, and factors like class size and ratios.

What Is a Typical Day Like at ALA?

Visit the school to find out!

When Can You Observe or Visit Your Child at ALA?

ALA has an open-door policy, and we encourage visits and participation with your child’s class.

Do the Children Nap at ALA?

We provide a period of rest during which the lights are dimmed, quiet music is played, and children rest on cots (and may sleep) to meet Department of Health requirements.

To respect special dietary needs and allergies, children are not allowed to share their snacks or lunches with others.

How Does ALA Handle Peanut and Other Nut Allergies?

While ALA is not a nut-free school, we take allergies seriously. If a child has a nut or other food allergy requiring an EPI pen, we inform all families and take measures to ensure the allergen is not brought into the classroom.”